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Our Cuban Reel 6 and 9 in (YoYo)

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First, why do people call these Cuban Fin-Nors?

I may know. I know that this style of yo-yo fishing dates back to the Spanish colonization of the Americas and it was a convenient way to fish from a boat or shore. The angler can apply a significant amount of pressure (drag) to the rim of the spool with minimum effort, and it is very simple to cast far without the risk of birdnesting.  So back in the 70s  as the American tourists with their big boats and big Fin-Nors traveled  the Caribbean waters, they started referring to the local yo-yos as Cuban Fin-Nors, and it stuck.

You see these everywhere in Cuba and other Caribbean countries. The locals call the yo-yos or also carrete de mano (hand reel). I know of people that have been using these yo-yos all their lives and are very capable fishermen. It is an old and venerable way of fishing. Santiago, the old man in Hemingway’s novel, makes use of one (although he is seen fighting the fish mano-a-mano in the old Spencer Tracy version). So they work. I’ve use them many times when I was younger and it was my method of choice fishing around the Miami bridges and wrecks. Catching a nice snapper on one of these is a lot of fun and you can feel every single move and pull.

The most popular use now a days is for wrapping  rigs and keeping them neatly stored (see picture), I understand that these are also used for ice fishing up north and we had a juggler come in a get a dozen of them (luckily he did not juggle them inside the store), and just last week  a golf pro picked up a bunch to use them in some sort of training. A frined uses them to wrap Christmas lights after the season so they do not get tangled.  So the potential is there.

OK so we do not expect you to drop your rods and reels and pick up yo-yo fishing, but you may find a handful of uses for them. With multi-color options, you can become even more creative.

The Cuban Fin-Nors are available in eight colors and two sizes. They are all equally popular.

Available in Green, Burgundy, Orange  and Gold.


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