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Lures, Sabikis, Dredges and Spreaders

Our selection of saltwater fishing lures cover conventional offshore trolling, high speed trolling, big game lures, jigging and a complete line of Sabiki bait rigs. All reasonably priced and with our assurance of your complete customer satisfaction.
Cedar Plugs
Cedar and cedar style plug lures for fishing. The most successful shape for tuna. Effective with all types of pelagic species.
Fishing lure kits
Fishing Lure Kits/Sets and Lure Bags. Ready to go fishing lures are pre-rigged.
Inshore Lures
Inshore Lures for snooks, redfish, stripers, etc. Hard and softbait lures
Replacement Skirts for all Lures
High Quality Premium Replacement Lure Skirts Make your lucky lure look new again!
Sabalo Inshore
Sabalo Inshore Lure Collection. 24 proven classics
Spoons and Jigs
Trolling spoons, our popular ICE jigs and more. Fishing spoons. Kingfish spoons, pompano jigs, etc.
RC Trolling Lures
Our own trolling lures at great prices. From 6"-13".
Coming Soon. Monster Lures These large lures are perfect for marlin chasing
Coming Soon. These lures are designed to high speed trolling when chasing wahoos
Jigging Lures
A great selection of RC jigging lures at great prices. 1.9 oz to 10.5 oz. with stinger hook.
Sabiki Lures
Traditional Japanese fishing rigs primarily used to catch small to medium coastal fish. The Sabiki rig is ideal for catching bait.
Dredges and Spreaders
Our selection of dredges and spreader bars. Available in stainless steel or titanium.



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