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Nothing goes better with fishing that a good cigar. We enjoy a good smoke at the end of a great day of fishing as we celebrate the ‘feat’ of the day or we make up the ‘lies’ of the day. I’ve been known to light a good stogie when fishing has been slow and do a ritual dance I learned from our late friend Walker Holcomb. Sometimes it helps the fishing and sometimes I get a good laugh from the crew.

We started offering cigars at the store shortly after opening the doors and recently our distributor suggested that we should reach out to our loyal online customers. We researched the market and came to the conclusion that our customers enjoy the finer things in life, so we are introducing a selection of premium cigars that are very hard to find and duly appreciated by connoisseurs. Any cigar in our selection will make a cigar lover very happy and although some people will find a $ 20+ stogie a little steep, bear in mind that we are offering these at an unusually discounted price. These are the finest stogies money can buy.

We also feature a particular cigar once a week at a special price (for a very short time and limited in numbers). We let our customers know the selection via our weekly emails. Please make sure you are in our email list (link to the lower left).

Note: StingRay Tackle is a licensed retailer of tobacco products. You must be of legal age to order. Acknowledge at checkout

Padron Premium Cigars. Anniversary and Family Reserve Series in stock. Free shipping in the US.



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